Woman Tutoring Child
  • Tutoring - Literacy and Numeracy (After School Service)

  • Consultations for Families and Students

  • Group Sessions to Support Social Skills, Living Skills and Resilience (After School Service)

  • Transition Support

Give your child the tools to succeed

We've Got You Covered


Personalised Approach to Learning

Identifying your child's strengths to inform the best personalised support to enhance literacy and numeracy. Also providing learning opportunities for life skills and social skills.


Diversity Celebrated

We celebrate diversity and welcome all students. Groups are limited to 3-4 students. 


Supporting Families

Consultations are available to support families with strategies to support their child.

Opportunities to meet other parents with children with additional needs.


Raising Self Esteem

Supporting students to be resilient and to see themselves as learners, to reach their full potential. Encouraging a positive solution focussed approach.