Educational services for schools and other professional agencies. 

Enhance aims to provide support to schools, agencies and students where Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) and Ministry Of Education (MOE) workers are not able to provide support in those areas.  RTLB and MOE may request our expertise to support their work if needed. 

Brick by Brick Program delivered in schools.

The Brick by Brick program supports social interaction through collaborative play with LEGO bricks. This is a fun activity for students. A trained facilitator leads the group of 3 (max) in collaborative play, The facilitator encourages positive social skills and interactions. Students learn many skills e.g. to manage time, listen, collaborate, take turns, develop oral language, be kind to one another, patience, make friends...



Mentoring 'at risk' students that may be in Years 11-13 and therefore not eligible for RTLB support, students that have MOE that require more 1:1 support or students that are not suitable for referrals to RTLB or MOE.



Many students in Years 11-13 require a more supported transition through school and into the work force. Enhance has access to a wide range or transition and careers resources through the Careers and Transition Educational Association NZ as well as nine years of experience transitioning students with additional needs.


Specialist Teaching Support

Enhance can provide specialist teaching and planning support, to support schools to be inclusive and/or support students that need additional supports recommended by RTLB and/or MOE. We are able to support diagnosis and recommendations of counsellors/psychologists and the implementation of suggested strategies for the student.

Let's Work Together

Enhance aims to 'fill the gaps' in services. Please contact us if there is anything that we currently have not listed that we may be able to offer. All enquiries welcome.