We aim to provide a range of services to meet the needs of the families and children in the community.  



Specialised tutoring and a personalised program for each child. Groups of 4 children maximum with each tutor. Assessment and support that suits and meets the needs of each child. Online lessons will be offered during lockdowns..

1 hour session  $60


Building Resilience

Small groups of up to 4 students. A program that will provide strategies for coping with anxiety, raising self-esteem and building resilience.

1 hour session  $60


Brick Club

Groups of 3 students. The Brick by Brick program is evidence based and provides a fun environment, where children can interact and learn social skills in a structured program. 

1 hour session $60



One on one consultancy. Working with children and families to provide the support they need. Strategies and resources suggested to meet your individual needs. We can work with you at our office, in the home or supporting you at appointments.

1 hour session  $115


Social Fun and Living Skills

Teaching social skills whilst being social! A fun group that will have activities each week together. The facilitator teaches and models social skills  i.e. sharing, listening, taking turns, polite conversation etc. There will also be  a focus on important living skills e.g. handling money, telling the time, planning, safety, cooking simple meals etc.

1 hour session $60


Pathways and Transitions

Support for students and families to identify strengths and to develop a pathway for their future. Support to transition into the workforce.

1 hour session  $115


I am not a registered Counsellor or Psychologist. These professionals should be the first point of contact if you have concerns about your child.

As a registered and experienced teacher I am able to work with children/families to implement into their every day lives the recommendations of Counsellors and Psychologists.

  • Coffee mornings for parents of students with additional needs. 

  • Holiday Programs

  • Parenting Courses